Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ode to Steve Jobs

On Hold! New iPhone swept thee out
Skyward. What wilt thou? Hold the line, no doubt
    See'st thy efforts unsurpassed
Whens sudden rest rents time at last

Thy team, of life designers how divine?
Thine craft, d'elegance with ev'ry eye's detail refine
     Can still sustain
Technology's crest and demand's domain

Thy gods, no more than senses entire,
From whom at once our needs might aid desire
     Poly-Technic Life-Defining Vine
The first of computing's stocks is thine

Yet case and home button are but as must
New touch screens give storm-tost text'r trust
      Unless thou dare
To be the sport of friends text, beware

O bold iPad2 as best, at One-point-three pound weight
Yearning Apple Store customer demand and constant stay-up-late
      O shun the waited veiling 
That girt the heart-strung glit'ring making

-Written by Todd Lowery

Eulogy to My Grandmother Muriel Hughes (5/14/1923 - 9/30/2011)

Muriel’s Eulogy
    To tell you the truth, I had a hard time putting all my grandmother’s good traits into writing. No matter how hard I try, I can never do justice to what she overcame and accomplished in her lifetime. I know we are all grieving today because we will miss a great lady and a loving, caring family member. She will always be a part of us.
    She was a wonderful grandmother, mother, sister and friend to us. I’m sure each and every one of you here today has something to share on how my grandmother touched your life. She shared a lot of good memories, especially with me. We shared lots of things together and she was one of my favorite mentors in business, in person and in life. Ever since I was four or five, some of my fondest memories are of being with her. Bright sunshiny weekend mornings , waking up to the smell of coffee coming from the kitchen in her percolator coffeemaker, boiled eggs cut in little quarters looked like little boats, orange marmalade on toast. Sometimes, we’d head out in the big yellow Lincoln Mark V, and later her Bill Blass Mark VI to scout for properties. She would routinely have me look on one side of the street and her on the other and would give me $5 for every property I could spot that was what we were looking for, and that’s big money for a kid. I remember well the Thanksgivings and Christmases when I was little, how she would gather us all around in her living room and then pass out all the gifts and we’d take turns opening them. I especially remember all the food, the Turkey and the green beans, she really enjoyed sitting around and talking with a big bowl of green beans while we snapped the stems off and got them ready for the pot. That special Baked Chicken recipe she had, she could make it just fell off the bone, man it was good.  I remember one of the most memorable times we had together, when it was just her and me; we went out to watch a great movie at Highland Park Theater, and then went for ice cream afterwards.  As some of you already know, my grandmother loved to watch Dallas Cowboys games; she was a really big fan of them. She would get so excited and shout out really loudly when they scored a touchdown, and man she was sad when they lost, too. She loved to watch Johnny Carson, all the many seasons he was on, he was one of her favorites. I remember many nights as a child going down to the Pizza Inn down the street with her and picking up a medium pepperoni pizza and coming back to watch the Tonight Show the Nightly News, no night was complete without the news, in which I still share her interest. She really loved Neil Diamond and Elvis and Barry Manilow, I know this because oftentimes, when I would come over, she would have them playing on the stereo.  I always enjoyed our times together. My grandmother was a very strong woman and she always followed through with everything she began. Maybe that’s one quality I got from her. She was also a very good adviser. I personally would seek her advice on many big decisions in my life.  Her sharp business sense and keen analytical decision making will always remain with me. I’ll miss her very much.

    My mother Lynda has asked me to read some of her thoughts about her Mother.

    She was always outgoing, friendly and enthusiastically sincere.  She was one of the most energetic persons she has ever known, never hiding her light under a basket. She was responsive and decisive, graciously competitive, and all of those who knew her observed her to be very active.  She had a focused mind until her last few years of rest from a life fully lived. While a young and tireless careerwoman, she was also a gifted church pianist for over two decades, although she never had a single piano lesson. She often sang duets with her daughter Lynda and her sister Maurine. Like both her parents, she became a great conversationalist, using her self-discipline to fully dedicate her lifework to her successful Real Estate business, always boasting to everyone of how she worked to have something of significance to pass on to her children. She accentuated the good with a warm and gentle support of encouragement wherever needed. She set and met her goals because she was strong, determined, self-starting and a finisher,  deeply thinking as she routinely walked 3 1/2 miles per day, until her last Real Estate contract was written at the age of 81, with bold confidence and resilience. She laughed a lot and her love was sincere, with whole-hearted acceptance.  She was always forgiving with mercy, compassionate and thoughtful, often w/ a surprise gift. The balance in her life was met fully through hospitality, generosity, and sensitivity to the needs of others, sharing her life successes and benefits with her children. As my mother, Lynda, reflected upon her Mother's inspiration, she found no more words than these we’ve heard that can better summarize her sparkling life and the gratitude she has for the opportunity to observe, learn, and hear -for the past few years- what was in her heart. My grandmother was fully aware of having lived a long life, and looked forward to her eternity which she believed was just ahead. Of all the songs they sang together over the years, her favorite was 'Jesus Loves Me This I Know', which she very weakly hummed with Lynda during her last passing days.

    Thank you for your patience in listening to me.